Duration:30 hours
Cost / group:4.800 €
Cost / person:240 €
(max 20 persons)

Professional Bartending, spirits and cocktails – Level 3

The program is designed to prepare students, employees of tourism companies and trainers to get a job and work efficiently in a bar. The knowledge that you gain is both practical, so as to exercise the profession, and theoretical so as to be able to answer questions and queries.

It is designed to give all the information required for the history, production process and taste of products the professional bartender uses on a daily basis in the bar. After the training, the participants will have all the necessary knowledge to work as professional bartenders.

Basic principles of a Bartender
  • Understanding of the profession
  • Introduction to Speed Bartending
  • Bartending = bar care
  • What determines a good bartender?
  • Basic design principles of a functional bar
Basic knowledge for beverage preparation
  • What is the distillation process?
  • How alcohol is prepared
  • Basic categories
Health and safety
  • Manufacturing Principles and maintenance of products
  • Principles of hygiene and cleanliness
  • Responsible sale of alcohol
  • The history and Culture of the Cocktail
  • How to prepare classic cocktails?
  • Cocktail Categories
  • Basic principles of development of an integrated Spirit and Cocktail Menu
  • Techniques and mixing procedures
  • Contemporary bar equipment
  • Types and uses of bar tools
  • Types and uses glasses
Customer service
  • Bartender as a seller
  • Principles of correct serving / Speed of service
  • Handling Complaints
  • Selling techniques