Duration:35 hours
Cost / group:6.200 €
Cost / person:310 €
(max 20 persons)

Hotel security

The purpose is the education-specialization of participants in security measures at Hotel facilities, safety conferences and other events and in response to crimes-accidents within the hotels.

Hotel security
  • Autopsy of the hotel establishment and update aspects of this security.
  • Definition of Security Officer and executives
  • Customize themes based on system security needs
Basic principles of security
  • Modus operandi - Methods and security measures
  • Personnel Actions on a critical incident
  • Identify non-man-made hazards and antisocial behavior
  • Recognition - Addressing specific categories of people
  • Professional ethics - Staff Qualifications
Basic protection principles of V.I.P. people
  • Identify threats - Terrorist threats
  • Protection public places
Recognition of vulnerable points in the hotel
  • Suspicious mail
  • Improvised explosive devices - Actions in case of a telephone bomb threat
Basic principles of hostages’ behavior
  • Distinction of a hostage and a non-hostage. Management
  • Security of a conference or various events in a hotel