Duration:25 hours
Cost / group:4.500 €
Cost / person:225 €
(max 20 persons)

Insurance for hoteliers

Hotels are businesses that create high expectations for their customers and are therefore required to offer similar services. For this purpose, as businesses are constantly demanding investments to meet both their expectations and their competition. Hotel Insurance programs cover the full range of business risks, including assets, liabilities, equipment, products and space requirements in general. Bellow you can see the content of the training program “Insurance for hoteliers”:

  • Introduction in hotel insurance in Greece
  • Reference to insurance companies
  • Exemptions in insurance packages and the applicable policy
  • Names registration of large insurance companies e.g. ALLIANZ, AXA, ERGO, GENERALI, GROUPAMA, INTERAMERICAN etc.

There will be an information, that the programs are addressed to small or medium-sized tourism enterprises (Hotels / Boutique, Hotels / Pensions / Hostels) which they have a license and an equivalent license from the Greek Tourism Organization. Hotels with insured value of building and / or content until 4.4000,00 €.

  • Categories of hotel insurance programs
  • Hotel insurance and all risks (covering the hotel unit, property insurance a loss of profits).
  • Insurance liability of general liability for hotels
  • Professional liability of tour operator
  • Insurance sales techniques
  • The way and procedure of insurance by the insurer