Duration:25 hours
Cost / group:4.500 €
Cost / person:225 €
(max 20 persons)

Promotion of local food in tourism industry

This will be an interactive, capacity building course for the State Committee on Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan that will help the organization and its employees facilitate the promotion of the local gastronomy and food products in the tourism industry. It will focus on revealing the dynamics of using the local gastronomy for regional development and the available tools and strategies to achieve this.

The training program is addressed to employees of the State Committee on Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The course will cover the following subjects:

  • Food as the leading hook in travel and a major differentiating factor for tourism destinations,
  • International trends in the field of gastronomy and the use of local products in the tourism sector,
  • The Experience Economy and international best practices in the creation of gastronomic experiences for visitors
  • Creating a local strategy for the development and promotion of the local gastronomy in the destinations tourism product
  • Facilitating the creation of a partnership with local tourism stakeholders for the implementation of the strategy
  • Training of local businesses and personnel as a tool for the creation of new food tourism products and services and the promotion of the local gastronomy
  • Creation of local business networks in the fields of food and tourism
  • Tailor made Quality Labels as a tool for upgrading and branding local gastronomy and food products
  • Food markets, food fairs, cooking competitions and other gastronomic events to enhance the gastronomic profile of a tourism destination
  • Engaging the local population in the initiatives regarding the promotion of the local gastronomy and culinary traditions
  • Assisting the local food production ecosystem to adapt its products and supply to the needs of the tourism industry
  • Supporting the development of food and tourism startups
  • Incorporating the local gastronomy as an important part of the destinations brand
  • Promoting the local gastronomy locally and internationally
  • Motivating local businesses to embrace the local gastronomy through promotion and business awards.