Duration:35 hours
Cost / group:6.200 €
Cost / person:310 €
(max 20 persons)

Official persons protection V.I.P.

The purpose of the program is education-specialized security staff on basic principles for the protection of natural persons, in the prosaic and onboard escort and escort formations.

Introduction on accompanying Security Groups. (C.P.O.)
  • V.I.P. protection
  • Arrest persons, legal defense, defense in favor of a third
  • Staffing – Qualifications of C.P.O
  • Applications teams-classes, methods, portrait, threats
  • Training basics of C.P.O
  • Terrorism organizations and mode of action of them.
  • Suspicious packages-mail bombings
Protection Team
  • Organizing protection team
  • Learning about the vulnerability assessment questionnaire
  • Autopsies of sites
  • Prevention measures when the VIPs travel
  • Pedestrians formations,-security rings to pedestrians formations
  • Arrivals-Departures V.I.P. people with car-processions
  • Design measures – official travel plans
  • Precursor
  • First aid to V.I.P persons from C.P.O. people
Protection Team in Practice
  • Simulations
Protection during transportation by cars
  • Simulations
Preparation of virtual plans by the trainees
  • Autopsy area by the trainees
  • Security measures design
  • Virtual Travel Planning of VIP people – scenarios