Duration:25 hours
Cost / group:4.500 €
Cost / person:225 €
(max 20 persons)

Service and customer management at the reception

The purpose of the training program is to show how the customer service quality of the hotel is achieved and the participants to fully understand the terms "Reception", "Customer Management and Service" and emphasize the role of the reception department in the proper operation of the hotel.

The course will cover the following subjects:

Service and customer management
  • The concept of servic
  • What does customer service involve
  • Perception of qualit
  • Expectations, wishes of customers (customer satisfaction survey
  • Internal and External Marketin
  • Procedures to create a climate of quality customer servic
  • Communication with the customer (the different types of communication
  • Manage complaints / objection
  • The use of technology in managing and servicing customer
  • Increased sales through management and quality customer service
Customer Complaint Management
  • Why the people complain
  • What do other people understand and what do we understand
  • What do others feel and what do we feel
  • The Way of Thinking and Influencing Our Psychology - The Perpetual Circle
  • What is the role of communication in managing customer complaints and psychology
  • The building blocks of communication
  • Effective communication and the principles that govern it
  • What prevents communication
  • Do we have the ability to "hear" people and decode their message? The skill of active listening
  • What prevents us from hearing effectively
  • Strategies to improve listening capacity
  • Techniques to listen effectively
Learning basic vocabulary in the Greek language
  • Learning basic vocabulary in the Greek language for communicating with clients