Duration:20 hours
Cost / group:3.600 €
Cost / person:180 €
(max 20 persons)

Modern Vegetarian Cuisine

The vegetarian cuisine, using natural local products and innovative techniques creates unique flavors (gels, various types of dashi, vegan meringues, use of polysaccharides, sous vide caramel, here oils, seafood dishes vegan desserts).

  • The Mediterranean diet and nutrition.
  • Basic principles for the use of Mediterranean vegetables and fruit in the kitchen.
  • The use, maintenance, and utilization of the Greek flavoring which are used in Greek cuisine
  • Greek traditional dishes with vegetables based on traditional, Byzantine and modern Greek cuisine
  • The use of olive oil in Greek cuisine
  • The Greek Orthodox Lenten
  • The combinations of flavors in Greek cuisine
  • Modern creations of Greek specialties vegetables based on the Mediterranean diet
  • Composition of Greek Mediterranean menu for vegetarians